Tuesday Guys

 We are so thankful for this group of guys that come faithfully on Tuesdays no matter the weather and use their talents and abilities to keep improving camp and making it look great for our user groups.  We are so very grateful for each and everyone of them.
The Tuesday Guys started with a prayer meeting with Carl Smith and Jim Lors in the 80’s.  Carl then asked Jim to check out his furnace then the next week it was checking on something down at camp and so the Tuesday Guys started and more were invited along the way.

Roger McCormick

RogerRoger first came to Stony Glen Camp in 2003 and has been serving since. Many a times you can find him in the wood shop, which recently had a new concrete floor and insulated walls put in. Roger does much of the woodworking around camp, such as the new dressers in the Patrick cabin. The picture above he is showing a golf cart he made for the 66th anniversary to be auctioned off. Roger came to know Christ at the age of 30. His favorite verse is John 3:16. When Roger isn’t serving at camp he enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, woodworking and golf. He has worked in construction, been a machinist, done electrical and plumbing work.

Dave Townsend

Dave Townsend

Dave Townsend has been a long-time fixture at Stony Glen. He met Jesus for the first time in ‘69 when he was in the armed service overseas. When he returned home, he started attending Leroy Community Chapel and got involved in their boys’ ministry. In 1970, Dave came to Stony Glen for the first time with a group of boys he had been working with and he’s been helping out ever since.
Even when Dave was working full-time at Lubrizol Corporation, juggling family life, and actively engaged in his church, he always made the time to volunteer at the Camp, fixing machines, welding, or anything else that needed to be done. Dave even worked full-time at the Camp for three years, with his wife, Sue, who served as the camp secretary. When he tendered his resignation, the Board was smart not to accept it unless he accepted a position as Rotating Trustee, which evolved into a
Permanent Trustee position a few years later.
Dave has a wonderful way of sharing why he volunteers: “It is fulfilling to know that I can serve others and be a ‘Good Samaritan’ using the abilities that God gave me as a welder and mechanic. It is only fitting that I express my love and gratitude to God for my faith and my Christian family by serving.”
Even though serving is one of his main spiritual gifts, Dave doesn’t shy away from sharing the gospel verbally with people he meets. He can vividly remember a time when he saw a boy in the parking lot during Girl’s Camp (an unusual occurrence). He went to figure out why the boy was there, and after their conversation, the boy asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Many years later, while sharing at Erieside Church of the Blvd., Dave met the same boy’s (now man) father-in-law, who shared that he was still going strong in the faith!
Along with serving as a Camp Board member, Dave is a “Tuesday Guy” and can be found at Stony Glen every Tuesday pitching in with whatever needs to be done. We are so blessed and grateful to have him as an integral part of the ministry.

Alan Dyczewski

(on the right)

(on the right)

We call Alan one of our “Tuesday guys” because has been volunteering at Stony Glen nearly every Tuesday for the last two years. When Alan retired from his work at ADT Security, he was excited that he could finally spend more time at the camp, volunteering in many capacities in any given week. His favorite things are repairing and building things (and his least favorite is painting—which he still does wholeheartedly). Before Alan started volunteering here every week, he helped out on many service projects at Stony Glen over the years. His long-term commitment to the camp illustrates his love for the ministry and for the Lord. He is convinced that God gave him gifts and skills for a reason, and he is determined not to let them go to waste! He encourages
people who are interested in volunteering to use the spiritual gifts that God has given them and do something that fits! Cleaning windows is just as important as digging ditches and preaching sermons. Every part of the Body of Christ is vital! In fact, there’s some painting I’m sure he’d like some help with! Alan is married to his lovely wife, Mary Anne, and has four children (Aaron, Josh, Rose, and Nate). He currently attends Crossroads Community Church in Madison. Thanks, Alan, for all you do!

Art Hurd


Art Hurd has been coming out to Stony Glen since he was a 9 year old Stockader from Goss Memorial Church (where he still attends), coming to a December campout. Even the extreme cold and deep snow on that first experience didn’t stop him from coming back again, even as a camp counselor and boys’ group leader as an adult since the mid-80s. Art’s first service project experience was when he was helping lead a Battalion group as an adult as part of a week- end campout. In more recent years, he has volunteered monthly with his son Jason, normally right along with our regular “Tuesday Guys.” We are so blessed that he is happy to do whatever is needed at the
time! He has done everything from painting and staining to mixing and pouring cement, to installing windows, basic carpentry work, plumbing, landscaping, filling potholes, and building bridges (and the list goes on). What a blessing! One thing that motivates him to keep serving after all these years is that he sees the impact of the activities that happen at Stony Glen on people’s lives. To him, “A day at Camp is always a good day.” Stony Glen has been a family affair for the Hurds, as both of his sons grew up attending camp, and his wife worked in the kitchen at summer camp. He now has five granddaughters that he hopes will enjoy coming out too!
Some things Art enjoys most about the camp are the trails, streams, hills, waterfalls, etc. (in all the different seasons). He also enjoys working with the group of Christian men who serve on Tuesdays—they help make the work experience a good one! He encourages anyone interested in volunteering to contact Jim or Dave to find out what you can do! There are opportunities for everyone—if you don’t mind some hard work, you’ll really have fun. Thanks, Art, for everything that you do!

Jason Hurd

Jason Hurd has been coming to Stony Glen Camp for over 25 years. His first camping experience was a father-son summer camp program as a Tree Climber in Christian Service Brigade and he has come regularly ever since. About 13 years ago, past maintenance director, Tom Rabe, asked Jason to stay after summer camp to help out as a volunteer. His first job was cleaning out the septic bed with Gareth Schuld (former maintenance worker). We found out what a keeper he was when he came back for more after that glamorous first experience! We are so blessed to have Jason’s long-term volunteer support. He has done countless things for the camp over the years, ranging from designing the website, drawing camp maps, mapping utilities, filling potholes, roofing, operating the tractors and skid- steers, doing carpentry, and whatever else Jim or Dave ask. His motivation? Simply that people who come to camp can have a beautiful place to learn more about God and grow in relationship with Jesus like he did as growing up here. He also loves getting to serve alongside other godly men and learn from them in the beauty of God’s creation. We also recognize and are thankful for the sacrifice that his wife and three daughters make, as they give him the freedom to volunteer here on a regular basis. Jason and his family attend Grace Church in Bath, OH. He encourages anyone looking for a way to get involved to jump in because they won’t regret serving the Lord at Stony Glen!